About Us

We are a husband and wife team, sharing our ecological passion and expertise to bring a deep landcare ethic to your garden.

We understand the issues and impacts of the ever-expanding human population on earth: loss of biodiversity, climate change, water and food security issues, imperilled pollinator populations, habitat loss…the list goes on. At For Nature Gardening & Landcare Ltd., we know that the small actions can make a big difference.

Deanna & Ben


Deanna brings a suite of gardening knowledge and creativity to her clients’ properties with over 20 years of experience with plants and gardens; she has worked both independently and for a variety of nursery and landscaping companies. As a compliment to her skills and passion for gardening, Deanna is educated in ecology and environmental sciences, and has worked for over a decade with a diversity of environmental organizations conducting ecological and wildlife assessments. During the academic year, Deanna teaches ecology to budding naturalists at the college level, and is an ever-evolving student herself. International travel has led Deanna to explore a passion for Permaculture, food forests and organic gardening, and she now applies these principles to the development of her own home food production system that supports her family. As opposed to being weighed down by all the negative environmental issues occurring in the world, Deanna is inspired and passionate about applying her ecological knowledge to enhance the landscape and support biodiversity. While interested in working in all gardens, Deanna aims to work towards the creation of pollinator-friendly gardens, rain-gardens and enhancing ecological function of the human landscape whenever possible. She looks forward to getting her hands into the soil and bringing her hard workmanship to make your gardens look and be their best!


Ben is a passionate and knowledgeable Ecologist focused on facilitating deep nature connection both in himself and others. He has a history of successful business ownership and management of a wilderness lodge on the threshold of the vastly wild Algonquin Provincial Park where he hosted guests from all over the world. Ben helped facilitate nature experiences of his guests in the Algonquin region and provided educational opportunities for them on wildlife, tracking, tree and plant identification, stewardship and bushcraft. Ben is inspired in his ecological work from the diversity of landscapes he has explored, from jungles in the Amazon and south and central America, to the deserts of Peru and Australia, and coral reefs around the world. Ben has worked with a variety of environmental organizations applying his ecological knowledge and expertise to the management and conservation of land. He brings a wealth of customer service success to For Nature Gardening & Landcare Ltd., and is dedicated to ensuring the team engages in professionalism and safe work practices, and provides a high level of customer service.

Missions / Vision Statement

Aesthetic Pleasure – Ecological Function – Edible Fusion

For Nature Gardening & Landcare Ltd. aims to enhance the aesthetic and ecological function of gardens for the mutual enjoyment of humans and nature.

Enhance your appreciation and love for your garden by taking it off the “To Do” list! We will keep your gardens looking their best all season long, and bring the added benefit of our ecological expertise to increase water infiltration and soil health, support biodiversity through pollinator-friendly practices, and enhance your pleasure of your garden through the incorporation of beautiful and tantalizing edible plants.

Bring your love for your garden to a whole new level.